Work experience


Professional Work Experience



2013-2017 Media, Marketing and communication at InBazar- Dutch Trade Office

2011-2013 United Nation mission in Afghanistan, UNAMA,

Head of Multimedia, TV/video Producer and Video Journalist trainer.

2008-2011 Sol media, director and producer, journalist, camera

operator and editor worked in industrial video, commercial video on national channel, news, social media, and

online video, web developing and streaming, online video at Companies such as Digicam, RTL5, RTL4, Mtnl,

SBS, NPS, een Vandaag, Network, Peter Tettero Media BV, English, Spanish and French television.

Experience with most digital cameras such as Digi Beta, Betacam SP, and SX and also semi-professional

cameras like Sony Z1, Z7 and JVC E500, photo camera Nikon & Canon D5

Editor; Ana Frank, Amsterdam Ana Frank, BG -TV France and Spanish TV network.

2007-2008 Polish Labours on the west European Port, documentary

“Nina” 2008 directed by Angela Carter, New York. Cameraman, Ghanaian farmers, TV, Ghana Africa, Peter

Tettero Media BV

2005-2007 Freelance director and cameraman, video journalist

in Holland such as Digicam, RTL5, RTL4, Mtnl, NPS, Een Vandaag, Network, Peter Tettero Media BV and

other European production companies such as world reporter media

2004-2005 Director/producer, “the expedition RNN7”.

Director several TV programmes “Paike dad”, studio director, camera operator, advertisement. PARS TV, Los

Angeles, USA.

2000-2004 Teacher newcomers, welfare office, consult and coach, ROC, PION.

1998-2000 Simorghfilm, KRO, interpreter and interviewer, Crime story TV.

1995-2000 Director, screenwriter and executive producer, “far from home” documentary, Den Haag. Video Nominated for

Dutch Film days Utrecht, Citroen Price 1995, second price Eringa video festival, Leeuwarden.

Director and executive producer, the short film “Me and my fatherland” 1996 Script and storyboard, produced

by HOS, and broadcast at national TV channel, the hours of Wolf. VPRO. Director and founder of Persepolis

(NGO), local TV/Radio channel producer presenter, marketing, management, mediator, Editor, Publisher and

Editor Gap news, a refugees camp weekly news, mediator and communicator, member of Dutch Directors


1993-2000 Founder of Foundation Persepolis, Pars Radio & TV, organizing cultural event (music, theatre),

advocacy, program manager, coach, Producer and presenter TV and radio.

1985-1990 Actor, Film “Theo and Thea”, writer and director,

actor, theatre “More Colour”, Amnesty International director/actor, Grim, script writing, photography. Theatre,

Me and other me, director/actor/writer, ACC, Cultural Centre, Theatre black revolution of 1979 ACC

Amstelveen Vrij University. Publicities, Web, stage and screening


2013-2015 Web design :,,, and

2011-2013 Producer of 12 documentaries, 12 films, 2 weekly TV shows RTA Photo & Web UNAMA news letter, UNAMA

TV, YouTube, Writing and editor: above documentaries and TV shows.

2008-2010 News and actuality reporting for National TV’s, RTL4, SBS, NPS

20072 Documentaries Ghanaian farmers and Polish labours, Network TV, FAN TV daily shooting, RTL 5 Weekly TV


2005 RNN 7, Expedition RNN 7. Weekly TV show.

2004 Paike dad, TV show and documentary Los Angeles, USA.

2000 Publisher and Editor of Gap Refugees news, WEBSITE Simorgh film

1996-2000 Sub titles, films, TV shows, and news for NOB national TV.

1997 Afghan refugees at National TV. Life Interview National TV “refugees”

1996 Director and executive producer, the short film “Me and my fatherland” Script and storyboard, produced by

HOS, and broadcast at national TV channel, the hours of Wolf. VPRO.

1995-1998 Local TV/Radio channel SALTO, a weekly social and cultural program as producer presenter, marketing,

management, mediator, Editor,

1995-1996 Sorrow, art film and animation film Rietveld Academy.

1995 Documentary “Far from home” Video Nominated for Dutch Film days Citroen Price 1995, second price Eringa

video festival, Leeuwarden.

1984-1988 Theatre: “Haji Firouz”, “Unexpected guest” at Paradiso, Film “Theo and Thea” On National TV, “More

Colour” for Amnesty International, “Me and other me”, “Black revolution of 1979” at the free University.



Elimination of violence against women


UNAMA 2012 Kabul Afghanistan

Ik en ik en vaderland

film 16 mm

1996 HOS

Uitgezonden op VPRO, Het uur van de Wolf

Protection of civilian casualty in Afghanistan


UNAMA, 2012


Ver van Huis


documentary, 1995

Nominated for Citroen Award, Utrecht, Film festival

About us


Solmedia is established in 2009 mostly active in media after we decided to give a name to Simorghfilm company (Simorghfilm was founded in 1999).


Our work was based on video production and doing camera, editing, directing and production of video. Since 2010 we added communication to our list and since 2013, we keep our self-busy with marketing as well. Media is a tool for marketing goals but you can use Marketing for video production and digital media and other services on the web as well. Media, marketing and the communication is the result of 19 years experience in the field.


Solmedia become a company with more than one ambition, the marketing is shifting up our company more than ever. The media production is interested in assignments in and out of Europe for TV and news production. But the video production is supporting the businesses with advertisement and video’s for companies with their own aims such as industrial video, video for webpage and other Internet goals.


Our services will help your business in more than only one dimension specially when you are looking for three integrated works in one strong solid message.


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